Endless Present

The National Gallery of Victoria has an exhibition—Endless Present—of the work of Robert Rooney.
I’m mentioning it because, although he doesn’t use found photos, their unmediated beauty appeals to me in the same way the best of the photos here do.

Rooney uses photography as a documentary tool. One project involved photographing his bed, each day; another his clothes for the day—ordered, and folded. Particularly I liked the results of a project where he would place the camera on the ground, (inside, and outside) and take a photo in each of the cardinal directions. The result

The exhibition is, perhaps, half Rooney, and half other conceptual artists of the time—Ed Ruscha, Sol LeWitt, etc. It ends March 27.

Of interest

Patrick Pound - People who look like they're dead but (probably) aren't

Patrick Pound (who I have mentioned previously) has some, somewhat hidden, work at Death Be Kind gallery.

On display (turn right after the stairs; you’ll find it in the office) are four series of photos: The Photographer, Portrait of the Wind, Blind Photos, and People that look dead but (probably) aren’t. An example of the later is to the left.

The exhibition ends on the 26th of September.


This may also be the place to mention that I’ve been doing a little hunting for like-minded Internet places. I’ve added one, Tristan63, to the ‘links’ section, and hope to find more. Tristan(?) posts found home, and amateur, films. Something I will be doing myself soon-ish (Things are in the post!)

Feel free to point me toward anything else you think may be of interest.