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This blog is a collection of significant items that I have come across. At the moment I have plans to add photographs, playing cards, records with interesting scratches, amateur films, and the occasional one-off. Mostly it is a depository for a large lot of photos I purchased on Ebay in 2009.

Most of my work that year came from those images, trying to give a life to these objects a person before me had collected from deceased estates, but not been able/suitable to sell. This blog is a part of that too. I started it because I thought I was finished with them, and wanted to share them. But looking through the photos again has birthed another (just one more!) project, that I hope I can start soon.

The photos are not tightly cropped. I thought it important to show the condition of the photos and their edges, and make clear their objectness.

I hope you are as impressed by the photos as I have been. By their narratives, by their compositions, and by their mysteriousness.

If you would like to contact me you can do so at contact@ryliejmesthomas.net

If you would like to know about the other things I do, you can poking round at ryliejamesthomas.net

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  1. In 1989 I left at a photo lab a picture of my brother and myself as little children, we were the flower girl & boy. I wanted to make a copy of it for my brother. When I went back to pick up the picture they could not find it. They said they would keep looking. They never found it. After awhile I forgot about it. But, now wonder what does a photo lab do with originals that were never picked up? Have you ever come across anything like this?

    1. I can only guess, but I imagine they would destroy things, or throw them away to be destroyed.

      I’ve never bought, or found, anything that was described as being lost property from a photo lab. It may be a good place for me to start looking, though! Perhaps I should get a job developing photos!

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