Collection by Hai

This tape caught my eye in an op-shop a few years back. I was first drawn to the label on the spine ‘COLLECTION BY HAI’, and upon taking the tape from its pile was even more drawn to the fellow on the cover; quite the unusual thing to add a photo of yourself to the cover of a mix tape! And look at the lovely shirt! And notice that he is standing in front of the Arts Centre, so the photo was taken in my city!

Apart from the obvious removal of a person the photo has road damage.

Writing here I realised that I just threw away similar photos; where the subjects were removed for a project. I wonder if anyone will find my discardings curious.

This photo was donated by Erin Crouch.

‘JULY 84’ is stamped on the back.

I’ve only just realised that the person holding the kid is a woman, not a chap in a Navy uniform.